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Belmont Lane Productions is your destination for all things professional media. We specialize in audio production, photography, website design and development, and graphic design.


Website Design

We build using the latest code and design to fit your style and needs. We are HTML5, Wordpress, and Joomla gurus and are ready to build the website that best represents you and your project.


BLP Photography is ready to capture your vision. Beauty, Wedding, Event, Artist, Entertainment, Nature, and Automotive photography. Contact us for more info.

Studio Recording

We produce unsurpassed quality audio recordings. Have your project recorded, mixed, and mastered all for one price. Is your project already recorded and you just need it mixed and mastered? BLP houses a full production recording studio for all of your audio & video production needs. Contact us for Pre-Production, Recording, Mixing, Mastering, Programming, Sampling, Arranging, & Digital Editing. Contact us for our current rates.

Graphic Design

Our design studio services include: Website Design, Custom Social Network Layouts, Photo Editing, Video Editing, Photography, Album Art Design, Logo Design, Merch Design, & Presskit Development.

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